Build your communication skills and knowledge to become confident and effective communicators

Gaining insight relating to the role of line managers

1. Engage with your people

2. Communicate strategically

3. Get the best business results

4. Drive business revenue

Do you feel unsure how to effectively and successfully communicate with your people and teams?

Don't really know where to start? Not sure how to tackle it? Don't know what to focus on first? Then this is the perfect course for you.

Course overview

Improve your business communication skills and knowledge with From the Inside's online training course. 

From the Inside's training course will take you through all the key stages necessary to communicate with your teams and people. it will help you to develop your own communication and tactic skills you need to know to align with your business strategy and activities. 

Find below this section more detail about the course.

Course Curriculum

We'll start the training course by looking at why businesses need to communicate, the purpose and strategy behind communications. What value communications can bring to your business and how to engage with a remote workforce. 

We'll then dive into who should communicate, how they should communicate, when, and with which communication channels. We'll also cover how you can measure KPI's to show your communications can bring tangible value to your business.

  • 1

    1. Introduction

    • 1.1. Introducing your instructor

    • 1.2. What you'll get out of this course

    • 1.3. Workbook

  • 2

    2. Purpose of communications

    • 2.1. Why businesses need to communicate

    • 2.2. Strategy behind communication

    • 2.3. Reasons why communications are critical to business success

    • 2.4. Chapter quiz

  • 3

    3. Value communication brings

    • 3.1. Walmart case study

    • 3.2. Survey

    • 3.3. Communication in perspective

  • 4

    4. Benefits of effective communication

    • 4.1. What are the benefts

    • 4.2. Chapter quiz

  • 5

    5. How to engage people

    • 5.1. Know your audience

    • 5.2. What is a key message?

    • 5.3. Key messages

    • 5.4. Assignment

    • 5.5. Storytelling

    • 5.6. What really makes a good story

    • 5.7. Case study and download

    • 5.8. Does your business have a shared purpose?

    • 5.9. A shared purpose

    • 5.10. What do you consider communication technology?

    • 5.11. Do you have the right communication technology?

    • 5.12. Chapter quiz

    • 5.13. Chapter survey

  • 6

    6. Who should communicate

    • 6.1. Who should communicate

    • 6.2. Assignment

    • 6.3. Chapter quiz

    • 6.4. Chapter survey

  • 7

    7. What methods should you use

    • 7.1. What digital tools can be used for communication?

    • 7.2. Digital channels

    • 7.3 Print channels

    • 7.4. Social media channels

    • 7.5. Which best describes social channels in your organisation?

    • 7.6. Assignment

    • 7.7. Chapter quiz

    • 7.8. Chapter survey

  • 8

    8. Are your communications working

    • 8.1. Why measure, what you can measure, how you can measure

    • 8.2. Assignment

    • 8.3. Chapter quiz

  • 9

    9. Summary

    • 9.1. Let's recap

    • 9.2. Additional reading and resources

From the Inside's training is going to....

1. Teach you how to better communicate with people in your business 2. Help you find hidden value in your communication 3. Give you the best tactics and ideas to effectively communicate inside your business 4. Increase your confidence levels to communicate strategically with your people
Training is going to

From the Inside's training is not going to...

1. Waste your valuable time for nothing 2. Provide you with untested methods and techniques 3. Make you spend £199+ without improving your skills 4. Leave you stranded at the end of the course

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Alicia Hentall

Alicia has worked as an award-winning internal communication practitioner since 2011 in a range of companies in multiple industries. Alicia saw the opportunity to provide consulting services and formed From the Inside to help unlock and unearth the true potential that exists in organisations. People can be amazing when they communicate, collaborate and innovate. Alicia helps to ensure that every communication aligns with the business strategy, bringing it together as part of a clear, unified communication strategy and plan.

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  • Who is From the Inside?

    From the Inside is a Communication Consultancy, we help generate momentum for your business strategy by guiding your people to move together, connected by a common purpose.

  • How can I sign up for this course and get started?

    Just click on the Enrol button at the top of the page and follow the instructions.

  • Where is the training held?

    This training course is online.

  • When does this course start?

    You are able to start this course in your own time.

  • Are there any hidden costs?

    No, there are no hidden costs. The price shown is the full price for this online course.

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